There are many good quality strings to choose from and I’ll be happy to advice you on the best choice to suit your needs and style of play.

My stringing prices (per racquet) are shown below (with discounts available for regular clients and bulk orders).  I use Tecnifibre strings, but I can work with other options if you prefer. I charge £10 per racquet frame if you provide the string.

For badminton racquet frames, I use Yonex strings; if you want something different just let me know.

I will be happy to quote prices for racquet balancing and customisation (depends on number and type of racquets).

More Power & Better Feel
X-One Biphase: £28

More Comfort & Better Feel
TGV Biphase: £24
NRG2: £24
Multifeel: £20

More Durability Without Sacrificing Feel
Promix: £24
Duramix: £24

Maximum Durability
Black Code:  £21
Pro Red Code: £18

All Round String. Value For Money
Ti Syngut: £18
Synthetic Gut: £17

X-One Biphase: £24
305  (1.3mm, 1.2mm & 1.1mm): £22
Multifeel: (1.3mm & 1.25mm): £17
Synthetic Gut (1.3mm, 1.25mm): £17

Yonex BG80 Fine Gauge Multifilament 0.68mm: £18
Yonex BG68 Ti Fine Gauge Multifilament 0.68mm White: £17
Yonex BG65 Multifilament Core With Wrap 0.70mm White: £17
Yonex BG65 Ti Multifilament With Titanium 0.70mm White: £17
Yonex BG63 Durable Multifilament 0.74mm White: £16

These are prices directly from me. Prices from sports clubs etc. that use my services will vary.

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.  Phone: 07730684918 or email tom@expertstringing.com

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